Thursday, December 31, 2009

Out with the old and all that...

As 2010 creeps up on me, I find myself reflecting on the past year. There have been ups and downs, triumphs and failures and frustrations. I have made some better habits, and tried to kick the bad ones. I've made new friends, treasured old ones, and made a life for myself away from my family.

I haven't been able to find work in the collective six months I've been at home. I'm currently living off my accident settlement. It makes the whole taxes thing a lot simpler, but it does nothing for my nerves.. (name the movie...).

I had a nasty little bipolar episode summer semester, but I managed to scrounge up a B average. Fall semester went much better- 3.94 GPA. Can I hear a 'hallelujah'?

I made friends at school- something that I treasure after the semester from hell fall of '08. Melinda and Jen and Sarah were there for me during some pretty ugly times. They all are married or getting married in the next few days. I wish them all the best. They are incredible women who are making three men very, very lucky.

I learned a lot of things at school. I learned that eating healthy is frustratingly expensive. I learned that I feel a lot better when I eat healthy. I learned to be kind to people who are rude to you. Often they have a reason to be, at least in their eyes.

I now have 2010 spread out before me- zooming toward me at lightspeed as the clock winds down. I have some great hopes for the coming year. It will be beautiful and crazy and scary and exciting and bewildering and so many other things.

It's the end of a decade- the end of my childhood, too. I turn 21 in April. I'm not quite ready to leave the nest just yet, but we'll see what this new year brings.