Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Today is the day when we celebrate fatherhood, in all its various forms. I am blessed to come from a two-parent home, with parents that love each other. Let me tell you about my father.

Daddy was born the fifth of six children. He has three sisters and two brothers. Both his brothers and two of his sisters were quite a bit older than he was, and so he essentially grew up with just a little sister. Grandpa worked a lot, and I assume that keeping track of six rambunctious children kept Grandma on her toes.

Dad moved around a bit as a child, and finally moved to Moses lake when he was about 13. He joined the Navy at 17, and "celebrated" his 18th in boot camp. Daddy doesn't talk about the years between joining the Navy and getting ready for his mission.

He served a mission to the Brazilia Brazil mission in the late eighties, at the same time that mom was serving in Taiwan. He's always wanted to go back. When we go to SLC, sometimes we go to an authentic Brazilian restaurant called Rodizio's Grill. It's food to die for, and daddy says it is exactly what he ate on his mission.

Daddy got home Thanksgiving of '87, and, after writing mom all through his mission, was engaged before Christmas. Mama and Daddy were sealed on January 22, 1988.
Daddy enrolled in pharmacy school at WSU, and worked hard in his classes.

I showed up in April of '89, and Paul, Viki's husband, became Daddy. And he's never looked back.

When I sliced my head open when I was three, it was Daddy who saved me. When there was a Daddy-daughter date for Activity Days, Daddy was there. When he lost his mother, Daddy was there for me, even though he was grieving himself. It's been daddy who makes time to go to lunch with me while I'm home, giving up his hour of recharging in his frequent ten hour days. It's daddy who stays up late to help me understand a doctrinal or political question. It's daddy who bends over backwards to make sure I'm healthy and happy.

This is not to say that mama doesn't do these things too. It's just that lots of girls aren't that close to their dads- I'm learning that here at school. I'm lucky enough that my parents are my best friends. I laugh and plan and talk girl talk with mama. Mama gets me through the ups and downs of my challenges. But daddy is always in the background. He's always laying the groundwork for my success, and I want him to know that I've noticed.

Daddy works hard at everything he does. Whether it's beautifying our land or cooking a gourmet meal for a birthday, Daddy is there giving his all. Daddy sacrifices and scrimps and saves so that I can have a neat experience. Daddy is up at night, worrying about me, and comforting mama. Daddy is always one step ahead, trying his darndest to smooth the road for me.

I could go on and on and on about my daddy, but I think he's gonna be embarrassed enough as it is. Happy Father's Day, daddy. You're more than Father. You're Daddy.

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  1. Thank you Josslin, that was very nice. Love you, Dad